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Upstox Demat Account Review – Everything You Should Know

In this post we are going to Cover Upstox Review.

In 2014 I started trading. At that time I don’t know basic of trading. One of my friend said me to open an account with Zerodha. So I opened my account in Zerodha by paying 300 INR for one year.

But after a year I came to know about Upstox who is a discount broker in our country. You can create your account with Upstox without paying any fee. For extra features you have to pay a little amount with you can use after a certain time.

Let’s introduce my self.

Hi, EveryOne. This is Mahesh Chaube Software developer by Education and writer by profession. I share Tips, Tricks and tutorial about Money and investment.

So in today’s post, we are going to see the overall feature which Upstox provide and how you can create your account with Upstox.

Basically, this post will be about Upstox review and tutorial.

The plus point about this post is I am going to share the link, which you can use now for a Upstox free account for a lifetime.

It will take less than 15 Minute to create Upstox account and start trading with your personal account.

Before starting Review about Uptsox let’s check some facts and background about Upstox.

  • Brokerage
  • Account Opening and Maintenance Changes
  • User Friendly
  • Margin
  • Research and Analysis
  • Charts and Other Tools
  • Customer Support
  • Mutual Fund


Upstox is one of the biggest trading platforms in India started in 2012. Personally I and using Upstox for stocks in which i want to invest for long Time. Delivery of stock in Upstox is free. You can read full details in this post.

Upstox Demat Account Review

Upstox is one of the biggest trading platforms in India started in 2012 by 3 Founder namely Raghu Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Shrinivas Viswanath.

Earlier Upstox is known as RKSV Securities India Private Limited. Letter it is re-branded as Upstox.

Upstox has a record of opening more than one lakh Demat Account in a month as an Indian broker.

The Upstox has rated as 4.1/5 for its application which is the highest rating for any trading app in India. They deal with more than 1 Lakh Crore Plus Turn over on national exchange on daily bases which show the popularity of Upstox in traders.

The Upstox Application has more than one million downloads on play store. They are serving for more than 7 Lakh customers currently which is growing very fast.

From 2019 after getting funding from Mr Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital and GVK Davix they started expanding their business very fast. Now they are attracting new customers by advertising their business via YouTubers, Websites and Google ads.

The best Part about Upstox is they provides high margin up to X20 for Intraday calls. they also charges Rs. 20 for every trade irrespective of the volume of share you trade. For less number of shares, it is slightly high as compare to Zerodha but Upstox have many positive points over Zerodha.

The price of 20 Rs. Per-share is applicable for intraday, F&0, Currencies and Commodity. But if you trading for delivery then you have to pay zero free for Trading.

The best part about Upstox is it provides the fastest order booking service which requires for the intraday call for high profits.

The securities wise also Upstox is best. The user interface of Upstox is more friendly as compared to any other Trading Application in the market.

Upstox is member of leading exchange of India i.e BSE, NSE, MCX and MCX-SX. You can trade in the following category with the help of Upstox.

  • Equity
  • Commodity
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Currency

The analysis and study part for share market is very important to book profit. Upstox provides a very neat, clean and High rich trading chart which help you to understand the Past price of the stock and how it will behave in future.

Upstox is built on Omnisys NEST OMS (Order Management System) and Omnisys NEST RMS (Risk Management System).

I think as a beginner this much information about your broker is efficient. Let’s understand how you can create an account with Upstox.

How to Create and Start Trading With Upstox without paying any Fee?

1.Click on Link which will redirect your official website of Upstox.  Enter your Email Address and Phone Number here. Click on Send OTP.

Upstox Create Account 1

2. Now Enter Your OTP here and click on Sign up Button. 

Upstox Create Account 2

3. Enter Your pen Card Details and Date of Birth here. 

Upstox Create Account 3

4. Here you Have to Enter your Some Personal details Like Gender and annual income. Click on Agree in Terms and Condition checkbox and press next button.

Upstox Create Account 4

5. Choose your Plan in this step. if want to actively invest in Intraday then Paid plan is good for your otherwise choose free plan.

Upstox Create Account 5

6. Enter your Bank details in this step. Make sure you enter Correct Bank details as the same is needed for demat account.

Upstox Create Account 6

7. Verify You Aadhaar Card by Verify your Mobile Number with OTP in this Step.

Upstox Create Account 7

8. After completing everything You will get Configurations Message.

Upstox Create Account 8

Uptsox Brokerage Charges

Upstox have basic and priority plan. Both Package have different brokerage fee and margin.

  • Upstox Basic Plan charges 20 Rs. Per Trade or 0.05% fee for Commodity, Cash, Future, options and F&O Order.
  • Upstox priority plan charge 30Rs. Per trade or 0.01% fee for Commodity, Cash, Future, options and F&O Order.

plans upstox

For Equity Delivery Trades there are no fee or brokerage charges. You have to pay only Gst or Tax which is applicable.

Upstox Annual Charges

If you use my link for account opening you will not charge any fee for account opening (T & C Applicable) otherwise you have to follow charges:

  • 150 Rs. For NSE and BSE segments
  • 150 Rs. For MCX.
  • 150 Rs. Annually Charged for Demat account maintain. This fee is not for Upstox Trading account.
  • Extra 100 Rs. Will be charged to process any physical document that is sent on Upstox mailing address for account opening.

Upstox IndusInd 3-in-1 Account

The Reason behind Upstox popularity in between trader is rich content data which they provide on their platform. There are many other features which we will cover in this post is still no present in Many Training Application.

One of the famous Feature which Upstox launched this year is Smart transfer service. Using this service you can transfer money from your bank account directly from Upstox application without opening the bank site or UPI application.

If you also want to use this service then you have to open your bank account in Indusland bank which requires less then one minute if you already have an account in Upstox.

The account opening is free. With indusland bank account, you will 3 Account benefits in one single account.

IndusInd bank offer following feature :

  1. Saving Account
  2. Demat Account
  3. Trading Account

Follow the 5 simple steps to open your 3-in-1 Bank Account.

  1. Click on the following link or open you Upstox account. Go to your wallet and click on open IndusInd bank account link.
  2. Enter your personal details.
  3. Upload your personal details.
  4. Verify your Aadhar card. (not required if already verified during Upstox account opening).
  5. Holla !! Your account Is open now. You will get starter kit via courier within a week.

I highly recommend you to open your bank account in IndusInd bank if you are using Upstox for trading.

Upstox Plan Comparison

Comparison Segment Upstox Basic Plan Upstox Priority Plan
Brokerage Charges for Equity Deliver Free Free
Brokerage Charges for Future & Options, commodity, Currency 20 Rs. Or 0.01%  Per Trade(Lowest Amount is applicable from Both) 30 Rs. Or 0.005% Per Trade(Lowest Amount is applicable from Both)
Chagres for All type of Trade 20 Rs per Trade 30 Rs. Per tarde
IntraDay – Margin
NSE/BSE Cash 15X 20X
Index Future 4X 5X
Stock Future 4X 5X
Index Option sell 4X 5X
Stock Option Sell 4X 4X
NSE Currency 4X 4X
MCX Future 2.5X 3X
CO/OCO – Margin
NSE/BSE Cash 20X 25X
Index Future 10X 14X
Stock Future 4X 6X
Index Option sell 4X 5X
Stock Option Sell 4X 4X
NSE Currency 4X 4X
MCX Future 3X 4X

Upstox Review – Key Feature of Upstox

1. The account opening of Upstox is very easy as compared to other brokers. My first broker is Zerodha. At the time of account opening in 2017, I didn’t get any support like Uptsox give. When you fill application for first time, you will receive an executive call from Upstox. He or she will help you to open your account with Upstox. You just need to give information which he or she will ask on the phone. For you, Upstox representative will fill your all data and help you to complete all step.

2. The Mobile application of Upstox i.e Upstox Pro has a very simple user interface which is perfect for a beginner. The web version of Upstox is very easy as compare to other brokers.

3. They provide a free demo account. With a demo account, you can check all feature of Upstox.

4. The Graph feature of Upstox is very useful when it comes to intraday call. You can use candlestick with drawing tools and other charting feature to get higher profit for intraday.

Upstox Graph

5.The best part which I like about Upstox is buying and selling feature of Upstox. I think Upstox is faster than other brokers when it comes about speed. The speed of buying and selling is very important. I faced speed issue many time while selling on other brokers. Order will go in queue and will never execute at you desired price when the market starts falling.

buy upstox

6. Money Adding and Withdrawing is very easy and fast if you open a bank account with IndusInd bank. The money from uptsox account will be transferred to your bank account at the end of day automatically. I am loving this feature because it take 2-3 days for other brokers for money withdrawal.

upstox add money

7. You can create your own watchlist of stock. In each list, you can add 50 shares maximum. This help to categorize each list according to their niche or sector.

upstox watchlist

8. You can also add predefined watch list like nifty50, Bank 50. This is also a cool feature which I only see in Upstox application for mobile version and web version.

9. When any order get executed you will get a notification in mobile and web version. I saw this feature in other application for mobile version app but in the web version, it is not available. it helps you to do multiple works with trading in the stock market.

 Things which I don’t like about Upstox

I started using Upstox recently so I faced very less issue in the application. Also, most of the time I use mobile application for trading so all the disadvantages are list below is for mobile applications.

  1. The Biggest and most important issue which is face with Upstox is an investment in IPO and FPO.
  2. The Margin rate of Upstox changes rapidly if any problem comes in the market. Like during Covide19 time they are changing their margin for intraday on a daily bases which create lots of confusion.
  3. Good Till Cancelled (GTC) and Good Till Date (GTD) order type are not available in Uptsox.
  4. The Intraday charge is high compare to 5Paisa, pro stocks etc.
  5. If you will not square off you the intraday day it will get executed automatically. But for this, they charge extra 50 rs which is very high.
  6. Free brokerage is only available for Equity segment for other segments you have to pay 20 rs. Per order, if you are buying a delivery order.

Comparison with other Brokers

SegmentHDFC SecuritiesZerodhaUpstoxICICI DirectShare khan
Service TypeFull-service brokerDiscount brokerDiscount brokerRetails BrokerFull-service broker
MarginVery LowLowVery HighHighModerate
Brokerage0.05 to 0.5%20 Rs.20 Rs.25 Rs.0.1 to 0.5%
Account Type3-in-12-in-13-in-13-in-12-in-1
Customer SupportModerateLowVery HighModerateModerate
Charting featureLowHighHighHighHigh
Mutual FundYesYesYesYesYes
Research and analysisYesNoNoYesYes
Brokerage PlansNoNoYesYesYes


Upstox is supported by market leaders like mr. Rattan tata. Most of the startup under Ratan Tata sir become successful.

I Think Upstox is one of the best broker available in the market. You should defiantly use Upstox for trading. The amount of margin they are providing is very high which is very important when it comes to intraday call.

The customer care service is also awesome. You will get daily mail about our all activity. In that email, you will get all details regarding brokerage, tax and other charges which are charged for the same day.

I will suggest opening your account in Upstox using the special link provided in a Blog post for exciting offers and zero fees for account opening.

If you have a question regarding Upstox or you want any type of help then let me know in the comment section. I will reply to your comment within a day. Make sure you share this post with family and friends via Facebook or what’s app because sharing is caring.

Cheers !!!

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