How to start a Blog

Step by Step Guide to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2020 ?

Today I’m going to tell you How to start a blog?

Not only I will help you start a blog from zero, but I will also help you to publish your first blog post.

Blogging will help you to follow your passion and make money at the same time. In 2nd year of engineering college i.e. 2015, I started my first blog.

At that time starting a blog, choosing the right Hosting for your blog is not easy task. it took more than 1 year to me learn basic of WordPress i.e. content management system for your blog.

 After that, I started earning from my blog. Below is a screenshot of my AdSense account when my blog started getting some serious traffic.

Adsense Earninng

You can write anything which you like about on your blog. You can also share things in which you are expert like cooking, Technology Stuff, teaching etc. and for this thing, you will get paid off.

Blogging will help you live life independently. You don’t have to depend on your parents’ money or fixed salary which come from your 9 – 5 job.

You can do choose Blogging as a full time as well as a part-time carrier.  Blogging just needs a little amount of money to invest. You can start your blog by spending less than 3.95$ for a month.

I have shared your 11 Detailed Step to start your Blog to Make Money from Blogging.

I will advise you to dedicate your next 30 minutes of your life to this post. It can change your life forever.

#1 Step: Select Blog Topic

#2 Step: Select Right Blogging Platform for you

#3 Step: Pick a perfect Domain name for your blog

#4 Step: Get Web Hosting for your blog

#5 Step: Install WordPress on your blog

#6 Step: Choose Right theme for your Blog

#7 Step: Write your First Blog post

#8 Step: Adding Some Important Pages to your Blog

#9 Step: Setting Up Some Basic tools for Your Blog

#10 Step: Monetize Your Blog for Money

#11 Step: What next ?

But before Starting and educating you about starting a blog let me ask you one question:

Why do you want to Start a Blog?

There are multiple reasons for starting a blog. It is good to know your reason before starting a blog in advance.

Here is some common reason for starting a blog:

  • I want to Make Money from Blog
  • Want to educate others
  • I want to gain expertise in a particular niche and Build a confidence
  • Want to create an online community
  • Help business to grow online
  • Just want to write for Fun

The primary reason for starting a blog is money for many people. But if you are not serious about your blog and don’t want to dedicate next 3-5 Month of your life to the blog than I think starting a blog is a bad idea for you. you can find other ways of making money online.

But if you want to earn some serious amount of money every month and want to become your boss than Just follow the next 11 steps to start your first blog online.

Step #1: Select Blog Topic

Choosing a niche (topic) for your blog is one of the most important factors. It will decide your interest and future of your blog.

You can’t just write random stuff on your blog. This thing won’t work nowadays. Google only prefer a website which is built on a single Topic.

Like you can find my blog having money related thing. Here I only write about Money making, saving Tips and stuff related to sharing market.


Which Blog Topic you should choose?

Here are few tips which you should consider before choosing niche for your blog:

  • Always try to find a topic for which you are passionate about. You can write on that topic anytime, anywhere. Like I love writing about Passive income and money, that’s why I started this blog.
  • If you are still confused about niche than you should check for which topic you love to read. Everyone likes at least one topic for which they can read a lot. They spend lots of time watching YouTube videos related to that’s topic. You have to analysis yourself.
  • After deciding the Blog topic, make sure others are also interested in the same topic? Maybe you like and want to write about your local food. But many people don’t like to read about that same local food online. Instead of Local food, you start Cooking Blog where you can share your Recipes. If you love to travel then go for a travel blog.

I think now you have decided which niche is more comfortable for you and you will start your blog on that topic only.

Conclusion: Choosing the right niche for your blog is the most important step your blog. It will decide your and your blog future in the long run. Starting and writing about random stuff on your blog won’t work nowadays.  

Step #2: Select Right Blogging Platform

Now you have decided on which topic you are going to write on your blog.

But wait, where you are going to write your Blog post? How you will publish your blog post?

Here comes the second step of choosing a Blogging platform.

You can start your website by writing Lots of HTML and CSS code or you can choose the Content Management System (CMS).

With the help of CMS, you can write and publish your blog post without writing a single line of programming code.

There are many blogging platforms available on the internet which are free to use. Some of them are:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Blogger
  • Tumbler
  • Drupal

But WordPress is one of the best and easy to use CMS software from the above list. Infect my website also hosted on WordPress.

WordPress is free open-source software. More than 35% of the world website is running on WordPress.

You can easily install WordPress on your blog with a single click. Most of the hosting have preinstalled WordPress application. I will teach you how to install and use WordPress in the upcoming section.

Step #3: Pick a perfect Domain Name

A domain name is the web address for your blog which will be used instead of static IP address.

Sound, Technical? 

A domain name is a URL which we use to address any website. You have to choose a domain name for your website also.

The domain name will be your online identity. So, make sure you choose the perfect domain name for your Blog.

Here are some quick hacks which you should check before choosing a domain name:

  • Short and simple
  • Easy to remember
  • Represent idea about your blog

For example,

It is very short and simple. Easy to remember the name. and it represents an idea about our blog. Domain availability is also one of the biggest challenges which you will face while choosing a domain name. Most of the unique and simple domain names are already booked.

Also make sure you don’t use .org, .net extension for your domain name. this type of extensions is not easy to rank in google. you can use .com or local extension of a domain name like .in, .us etc. for your domain name.

If you use my Process for buying hosting then you will get a domain name free with that hosting.

Otherwise, you need to buy a domain name separately which will cost more than 15$ for the first year.  

Step #4: Get Web Hosting for Blog

Now you have completed the First 3 most important step of starting a blog.

The next thing which you need to start a blog is hosting.

Hosting allows you to host your website online which can run 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere.  

Choosing a Right Hosting For your blog is another important step. If you pick any local or cheap hosting provider then chances of Slow website loading and Higher Down Time is High.

Bluehost is the best Hosting provider available in the market. We have already explained why Bluehost is the best hosting provider on the internet.

Bluehost pricing starts with 2.95$ per month. with Bluehost you will get the following offers:

  • Free Domain Name for the First year
  • SSL certificate for lifetime
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Live Chat Support (Best Support I ever get)
  • Easy to use cPanel
  • One-click installs WordPress option
  • 30 days Money back guarantee.

Now Let’s see How to buy Hosting from Bluehost:

  1. Click on Link, it will redirect to the official website of WordPress.
  2. Now click on the “Get Started Now” Button.
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Buy Hosting Bluehost

3. Select any one plan from the list. If you are just starting than the basic plan is the best option for you. If you are looking to run more than 1 blog than plus Option is best for you.

Buy Hosting Bluehost 2

4. In the next page, you have to choose a domain name for your blog. If you are not sure about domain name then you can choose “I’ will create my domain” later option.

Buy Hosting Bluehost 3

5. Now enter your personal information for account creation. You can also use Singin with google option.

Buy Hosting Bluehost 4

6. Verify your package here. You can uncheck extra options to save money for now.

Buy Hosting Bluehost 5


7. Now the final step is payment. You can enter your Credit card/Debit Card number directly for payment or else choose more payment options.

Buy Hosting Bluehost 6


You Just bought Hosting for your blog. Now time to configure your website.

 Step #5: Install WordPress on your Blog

Now we will install WordPress on your hosting. We already shared why WordPress is best and why you should also use WordPress.

Follow this simple step to install Hosting with just a few simple clicks.

  1. Login to your Bluehost account and go to the dashboard.

Bluehost Login

2. Here you will see Lots of option. Search for “install WordPress” and click on that option.

bluehost install wordpress

3. Choose “do it yourself” option and click on the Install button.

bluehost installation step

4. Click on the check domain name.

bluehost check domain

5. Just tick on term and condition check box. Now click on the final install button.

Bluehost final step

6. In less than a minute, WordPress for your blog will be install.Bluehost final step

That’s all. You have completed this step.

Step #6: Choose Right theme for Blog

Half of the step you have completed for starting a blog.

Now time to design your blog. WordPress by default install one basic theme for you.

But by default, theme of your blog will be not good in look. So, we are going to change the theme for your blog.

For this, you have to log into your WordPress dashboard. You can access your wp dashboard by going to your-domain-URL/wp-admin.

  1. Enter your credentials in wp-admin log page. Click on login button.

wp login

2. Now it will show you the wp dashboard. You can see small recap of WordPress dashboard if you have not seen yet in below image. All the option is pre-configured and easy to use.

wp dashboard

3. Now hover your mouse on “Appearance” from the menu and select “Themes” option.

wp theme add

4. Click on “Add New” button from the top.

wp theme add

5. Now choose any one theme from the list. You can preview the theme also before installing the theme. After choosing just click on the “Install” button.

wp theme install

That’s all. You have installed a wp theme for your blog.

Step #7: Write First Blog post

Now the real fun begins.

Things which we have done are not frequently repeated but from step 7 all things will be repeated until your blogging journey end.

Now time to write your masterpiece. You can start with anyone topic which you like and close to your heart. First Blog post is always very special for everyone and wants to give their 110% to this post.

Here are some hacks which you should remember for creating masterpiece and user engaging content to your blog.

  • Write something about people love to read. Always try to write of something which user need and search that thing on google.
  • Try to put emotions on your blog post. Use You and I type of words to relate with user
  • Make sure you use Images and videos in your blog post.
  • Create a post with more than 1000 Word to make sure you cover everything in your post.

You can simply hover mouse on the “Posts” option from the menu and select “Add New” option.

add new post wp

Now you will redirect to post editor. Write your Post and hit Publish Button.       

wp publish post

Congratulations, you just publish your first masterpiece on the internet. Now your website is ready to get some visitors on your blog.

Step #8: Adding Some Important Pages to Website

After creating your blog first thing which you should is, add Some basic and important pages like About me, Privacy & Policy, disclaimer and contact info page.

You can easily add this page by hovering your mouse on the “Page” option from the menu. Click on “Add New” option.

wp add new page

Step #9: Setting Up Some Basic tools for Your Blog

Now you have a blog which has some basic pages and post.

It is time to tell google that you have created your website about a particular niche and you want to share this with the world.

To do so, you have to create Google Analytics and Google webmaster tool account. This will help Google to index your website. With the help of Google Analytics account, you can track the activity of visitors on your blog.

You can download the following plugins to make your Blogging Journey easier:

There are more plugins which you will install as you need them on your website.

If you have completed all step than within a few days your blog will be visible on Google search.

Now Time to make money online.

Step #10: Monetize Blog for Money

Money making from blog is easy if you have High Engaging traffic on your blog.

There is an endless way of making money from a blog. But I will share some of the famous and my favorite way of making money from the blog.

  • Google AdSense: one of the best and famous way of making money from your blog is showing ads on your blog. You can easily earn money while showing ads on some pages or blog post of your website. There are many platforms which give money for showing ads on your blog but one of the famous and best platforms is Google AdSense.

  • Affiliate Marketing: You can find products on the internet for promoting on your blog. And whenever any user from your blog make a purchase you will get some commission for that purchase. Almost all successful blogger uses Affiliate marketing for making money. The commission in affiliate marketing is too high as compared to another way of making money from blogging.

Amazon affiliate earning

  • Sponsored Post: whenever new companies launch their product; they look for blogs within the same niche for a review post. Usually they only write good things in this post and help your site to spread this post over the internet. For just doing this, they pay lots of money. Infect most of the blogger charge more than 1000$ for a single sponsored guest post.
  • Selling services, products: if you have any special skills and want to sell that skill on the internet then creating a blog is a perfect idea. Many influencers sell online courses, video tutorial using their blog. You can also sale your products on your blog.

I have shared some of trading and famous way of making money through your blog. My personal favorite is affiliate marketing and AdSense. Let me know which one you liked most in the comment section.

 Step #11: What Next ?

Now you have Start a Blog which has lots of posts. It is active on google search. You are making money.

Now, what next?

The basic difference between small bloggers and big bloggers is consistency and dedication towards their blog.

Now you have to try to create an online community. You can create an online Facebook group for your visitors and ask them to join. by just creating online facebook group you can make money which i explained in my “How to Earn Money from Facebook?” post.

You can collect email of your visitors for email marketing.

Now you should learn about SEO. This will help you to attract lots of visitors organically to your blog.

Taking regular backup of your blog is also a good practice. You should always try to enhance your blog.

Make sure you regularly publish content on your blog. 2,3 Times on the week is a great number.


Welcome to the blogging world!!

You just launched your first blog. It is not that difficult?

I think investment in blogging is the best idea. If you want to start your blogging carrier and want to make some money then go and purchase a domain name and hosting for your website now.

If your dedicate next 3 month for blogging than surely it will help you to live financially independent for the next 6 months.

Money is not the only motivation. Visitors are also one of the motivations. You will love when some say “thanks for your help” on your blog post comment section.

I covered everything about how to Start a Blog from zero to hero. But still, if you have any questions or you are stuck at any point then leave your comment, I will try to resolve your issue, as soon as possible.

If you are representing any business and looking website for your business then you can check our “Website Creation Service”.

Share this post with your family and friends and show some love.


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