My Story: Men Behind Reviewsutra Blog


Maybe I have inspired you that’s why you are here and reading my story. My Name is Aham Pathak and you are at my Blog:

Before I introduced about myself, let’s find out what you are going to see on my blog:

  • Practical tips for Making Money Online
  • The Perfect way of investment
  • Product Review
  • Tips for Making you Financially independent.
  • All Possible way for passive income
  • How you will become rich?

So, this is the Topic which I covered in my blog. I Purchased reviewsutra for writing product review but after some time I discovered to have more interest in Finance.

That’s how is started.

I am trying to share every possible way of making money online with the help of which anyone can make money.

I Have completed my studies in Computer Engineering from Mumbai university. But in the last 15 years of study that have not thought of me “How I can become finically interdepend?”

Many people make lots of money when they are young but after marriage or becoming parents, they start facing a struggle in terms of money. I want each and everyone should invest their 30% of monthly income somewhere for at least 10-15 years in their starting years.

By identifying all this issue, I started this blog. I hope you are enjoying my blog. You can follow our blog on Telegram and Instagram for post and updates.

In telegram channel, we share a lots of latest offer and money-saving tips.