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How to Make Money from Facebook (Personal Secret Revealed) in 2020 ?

In 2010 I started using Facebook. In starting year, I use Facebook only for memes, Videos, Photos and most importantly for Chats.

But after some time, I get to know, I can Make Money From Facebook. So, I thought it’s a good idea to make money using public Platform.

From that time until today, I found many ways to make money from Facebook. You want to know how you can earn also?

Don’t worry at the end of the post you will find how to Make Money from Facebook in various ways. I will try to explain everything in the same way which worked for me.

Some of the Way requires Initial investment but don’t worry you learn and earn at the same time. You can try free method first and invest you earning in the paid method for more earnings.

Today I am going to give you some free tips about how you can provide service on Facebook and make money.

So, let see how to make money from Facebook and become your own boss.

Sell Service on Facebook and Make Money From Facebook

I am taking this method first because it works for me every time. You can make a huge amount of money by providing any service on Facebook in which you are expert.

I always prefer this method because it is easy to set up and in lots of cases, it requires an only one-time setup.

So, let see how you can make money with this method, step by step:

Step 1: Find the Product which you want to sell

You should always make sure you treat everything as a Business.

So, the first rule of business is, you should have a clear vision about your product which you want to sell, the audience which you want to target and most importantly, how you will generate profit.

Choosing a product for a sell is not rocket science. You can pick any product or niche in which you have some knowledge or basic expertise.

I have many friends on Facebook who sell basic tools for a blog, the them for a website, reviews for Blogs, Guest post and many more in very less price.

Believe me, many people choose Facebook to buy a product just because you will get things at a cheap price. You can contact people directly via Facebook.

In starting days, I also used to sell services on Facebook to make money. Most of the services are renewable. so, on the first day of the month, I used to get many payments by users who use my service. I take payment directly to my PayPal, paytm or UPI app. I will share some payment screen short below.

facebook service earning

The amount is not big enough but it is good to have free money.

Now let see how you can sell your product or service to make money in step 2.

Step 2: Targeting Right Audience for your product

One of the most difficult tasks is finding the perfect product which you can sell easily. But after going through step 1, you have an idea about the service which you are going to sell.

But now the most important thing is, selling a product.

In my early days, I never pitch my product or service directly to anyone. But I have a connection with my friends who sell products and services on Facebook.

One of my friends asked me for a paid tool which I bought for one month. He needs that tool for a blog which he runs, in return, he paid me 500INR.

After a week one person messaged me and asked about the same tool. He said our common friend said you sell group product service. I have given credentials of that tool and he paid me 500 INR for that tool.

With 2 people in a week, I get 1000INR and I paid only 850 INR for that service which now I sold to 2 more people.

After research, I get to know people are already doing this and they call this service as group buy service where they buy any product and split the bill in between members.

So, I joined many Facebook groups about SEO and market places where people ask for paid tool and would you believe I started making 8000-15000 INR by just selling group buy SEO tool which I bought for 850 INR only.

I am sharing this thing with you just because I want to tell this how you can make and multiply money by just investing small time and money.

I started joining Facebook groups of SEO and pitching targeted audience who may be listed for a group buy SEO tool. In the same way, you have to find and target the perfect audience for your tool

For this, you can join the right Facebook group, follow the page.

After joining the group, you need to post about your product and service in the Facebook group. Make sure you post regularly in Facebook groups and pages.

Facebook service post

But don’t try to spam. It may be possible that your account may get banned and you will not able to share anything on Facebook.

Bounce Tip: Make sure you follow the post on Facebook of other people who are selling the same service. Personally, Message people who asked the service in comment box and ask them to buy your service.

Step 3: Make Relationships with people in the same niche

Using all the above step you will start making money in the initial stage. But if your behavior towards the client is not good or customer is not happy with your service then he or she will not continue with your product.

The most important part of good business is making a relationship with customers. Sometimes you have to provide free samples of your product or demo. In some cases, you have to provide free service to just build a relationship with the client or the person in the industry who can help your business to grow on Facebook.

Step 4: Take Feedback and improve your service

None of the business is perfect in the world at the initial stage. The business becomes successful when they start improving their service by taking valuable feedback from their customers.

Always try to contact with your clients via messages or common group. Ask what they don’t look about your service and what they like.

By continuously improving your service you can grow faster than anyone in this industry.

Make Money from Facebook by Selling Affiliate Product

 Many people on Facebook make money by selling affiliate product to their customer. The process of making money is very simple.

Just you have to select any product which you want to product. You can start by free but using Facebook ads with this method will surely help you to make some distant amount of money.

 I will suggest making a Facebook page for this method. There you will get a feature of selling a product. You just need to post Title, description and some photo about your product.

Make sure you use Good and appealing photo. You can use short videos also.

Make sure you use clickable links with images or video which redirect customer to directly on your site.  If the customer buys any product using your link then you will get some commission depends upon the product.

Facebook affiliate post

I will suggest using amazon, Flipkart, ClickBank service to put a paid link for a product. Believe me, many people make a Huge Amount of money using this method. I will suggest you also, to use this method and make money.

In the starting, you should avoid using Facebook ads for more audience. But when you get expertise in Making good post and Have some knowledge about Facebook ads then I will suggest you can move to Facebook ads for more peoples which is equal to more money.

Drive Traffic to Website or Blog and Convert them into customer

This is the most popular method which every business in the market is using. I am sure whenever you open Facebook, you will see many ads about the prime video, Hotstar,, Flipkart etc.

This business pays Facebook for ads in return they get traffic to their Website, which they can convert into a customer who pays for their product.

Many blogs like, they also run Facebook ads where they redirect users to their landing page where the main motto of this websites is getting your personal information like email id.

Using personal information, they can contact you further and send you tons of emails every day about their service.

Collecting Email Id and converting them into a customer is one of the famous and powerful methods. Every business uses Email marketing for which they require email id.

Here Facebook helps them.  You can create an Actionable post which attracts more and more people towards your landing page. 

if you don’t have have any blog then you can easily follow our “How to start a Blog and Earn thousand of dollars?” Post.

Become Influencer on Facebook

Do you know Virat Kohli charge 1.5 crore INR for a single post on Facebook or Instagram?

Yes, it is true.

Just for a single post, Big Brands like puma pay 10 Lakh to 2 Crore to this celebrity.

But do you know why they pay, this much of amount?

Just because Virat Kohli is Celebrities and many people follow him. He is Influencer on Facebook and Instagram.

Virat kholi instagram earnings

An influencer is a person which influence people for a particular product or service.

You can also start the same if you have a decent number of followers on Facebook or you have a community where people listen or follow your work.

Just you need to manage your profile in a very decent way. You can create a proper portfolio. When you starting getting a decent amount of likes or comments on your post then you start pitching brands for collaborations.

Here brands will pay you money based on your popularity or niche. And you need to just promote their product or service on your blog.

Operates Facebook Group for Business

Facebook groups are the best way of making money. I saw many marketers and digital marketers promote their services in the Facebook group.

Admin of Facebook groups also makes money by influencing many products in their group. You can also create a free Facebook group and start to make simple money.

First create a group with a selected niche. Niche means a particular subject or sector service which you are going to offer in your group.

I will suggest going for something digital service which you can provide remotely from anywhere.

After creating a group and deciding the service which you are going to sell in your group, start inviting peoples to your group.

More people Join your group more money you will make. Starting group is simple but attracting more and more users to a Facebook group is tough.

Facebook group is not for only selling your service. You can also share some useful information in your group. 

The more you help your member, more people join your group.

When you have a decent number of users in your group then you can start providing some services in your group according to your members need.

You can share E-book, Courses, Group Buy Tool or anything which customer like to buy.

You can also use the following method to make money in Facebook groups:

  • Paid surveys
  • Sponsored contents
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Attracting users to your blog or website

Creating Local Shop on Facebook

Maybe you have seen Shop on Facebook where you see a product listed in cheap price. You can directly contact that page for Product.

After negotiation or final decision, you can purchase that product directly from that page. You will get that product via post.

Facebook store

This is how it works.

You can also create your own shop on Facebook local shop.
Just need to list some product on your Facebook page. List Famous and attractive product on your Facebook page. You can also boost your post for more views and audience.

I will suggest creating an online eCommerce website first using woo-commerce and after that Facebook local page.

Using this you can redirect Facebook product to your website.


Facebook has a 2 Billion of the active users on monthly bases from which 1.37 billion uses Facebook every day.

This number shows Facebook is a great place for Making money if you have a good and unique idea. I shared my best 6 Method which I personally use to make money from Facebook.

I highly recommend you to use Facebook and start making money today itself. you can also our 11 best method for making money online for more way if you want to earn online. If you have any other idea which you want to share with me, please let me know in comment sections.

Share this post with family, friend or anyone and ask to become your partner in business.


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